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One year.

It has been a full year, to the day since I got home from my race. thanksgiving right off the field is hard. I had just flown in from Asia and had the worst jet lag. the food was … Read more about One year.

back out again!

I am back out on the field this time as a Squad leader. I am leading for Gap V, a group of 39 young men and women taking a gap year to do missions everyone is between 18-20 years old a lot of what I … Read more about back out again!


It has been just over a month of CGA, and it has been Amazing! The Father has been moving in each of our lives. Lies are being up rooted and walls I didn’t even know I had are being exposed and … Read more about Update

Hard reset!

The first few weeks of CGA has felt like a hard reset.  What does it look like if some of the things that we thought were bad, we turn them on their head. They can be some of the things bringing … Read more about Hard reset!

About Me

My name is Stephen Carver.  I am twenty two years old, I grew up in A small town in New Mexico  and I am starting my life of ministry. last year I traveled around the world with Adventures … Read more about About Me